Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lyrics Analysis

The song that I analyzed was "My Generation" by The Who.  I like this song because it is geared towards the younger generation.  This song talks about how the older generation or the government is putting the younger generation down.  This song came out November 5, 1965.  This was right when the Vietnam war was happening.  This song shows how the younger generation was effected by the war.  This song also show how the younger generation wanted to voice their own opinion but where put down by the higher authority.  What I think is funny is that my brother's band in high school covered this song in a school rally.  They got suspended for it.  The reason why I think this is funny is that they played this song when the Iraq war first started and after they played this song my high school had a protest against the war.  Its a little ironic for my high school to suspend them for speaking their mind, or in their case singing their mind.  This song is very powerful and the lyrics stand out. 


On Wednesday we attended the Chris Jackson presentation and what he talked about was really interesting. The audience was filled with the students from the sex,drugs, and rock'n'roll classes. We asked him questions about his life and his views about music. Chris Jackson talked about how he was always out when he was 13-18. He started his first band when he was 16 and when he played in clubs he could only be in the back room and was not aloud in the front.  He loves music especially classic rock.  He said that one of his favorite bands now is Aerosmith and also Linkin Park.  He was very passionate about his job and the music he likes.  He also said that at one point in his career he was on 2 different radio shows and neither one of them knew he was DJing for the other.  I think Chris Jackson was done what he loves and I think he will continue to do so. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music Review

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are one of my favorite groups. The song that they got famous for was Mrs. Robinson from the album Bookends. This album came out in 1968 and rose to the top of the charts, even beating The Beatles White album. This song was played on the movie the Graduate. The Graduate is also one of my favorite movies because of the whole story line first of all. I really like the artistic way that Mike Nichols shot the movie. The film the Graduate made everything in it famous. The actor Dustin Hoffman, Simon and Garfunkel, and Mike Nichols himself. One thing that got this movie famous is because Mike Nichols had only songs from Simon and Garfunkel. Mike Nichols was obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel and paid them to right 3 new songs for the movie itself. The four songs that they wrote for the film was, Mrs. Robinson, April Come She Will, The Sound of Silence, Scarborough Fair/ Canticle. In the song Mrs. Robinson, it was actually about Mrs. Roosevelt, Mike Nichols wanted them to change the name so that it fit in with the film. Out of these songs my favorite has to be April Come She Will. I like it because it a love song and they rhyme it with the months of the year which I think is cool. Because Simon and Garfunkel used their own music on the film they became very famous for those songs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exercise 8.2, 8.3, 8.4

8.2 Dreams do come true. What are 5 dreams that I hope will come true? Explain.
  1. I hope I graduate college. I want to good now in college so that I can graduate and move forward in my life.
  2. I hope that I have a good job. I want to be a manager or owner of a hotel in a beautiful city or town. I like to keep busy and I love working so I hope that I get a job that suits me the best.
  3. I hope I get to travel the world. I love different cultures and counties and I really want to just travel all over. I think it is important to do that in a life time because there is so much more than your little life.
  4. I hope that I will get married. Every girls dreams of their wedding even when they are little. I want a simple wedding with a beautiful dress and a cheesecake for the wedding cake.I want to be married to a wonderful guy who I am head over heals for.
  5. I hope that I have children. I want to be a mother and I think kids are so cute.

8.3 Turn your dreams into goals. List my top values that I hope will enhance my quality world and place them in 1-5 order.
  1. Happiness
  2. Success
  3. Marriage
  4. Family
  5. Relaxation
Goal Statements
1. In 10 years I will be married and have a child
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? Yes
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Social/Relationships/Family
2. In 3 years I will be getting ready to graduate with a GPA of 3.0<
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? Yes
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Education/Training and Career/Job Development
3. In 6 months I will be in school
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? No
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Education/training
4. By next week I will work towards have my job be better for me
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? Yes
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Career/Job Development, health/emotional, and social/relationships/family
8.4 Which goals are achievable? measure my goals by either believable, realistic, desirable, measurable
  • 10 year goal: Desirable
  • 3 year goal: Measurable
  • 6 month goal: Believable
  • Next week goal: realistic

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chapter 7 of Fever

"Unplugged's fatalism is hard to miss; by this point the jig was basically up. Taping took place in December of 1993. Four months later, Cobain overdosed in Rome and emerged from a coma requesting a milkshake. Shortly after his family got him into his final California rehab in March 1994, Love called the police to their home when Cobain locked himself in a room with a gun. Talk of and American tour was put aside until Cobain could commit himself to the road with confidence. At the end of March, within a week after being admitted. Cobain escaped from rehab, spent a few days missing, and turned up dead in his Seattle guest house lying next to the shotgun he had swallowed. The cable guy who found him called a radio station before he called the police" ( Fever page 200).

I think that this paragraph is interesting because this shows how interested people are into celebrities lives. I think it is funny that the cable guy called the radio station because he probably thought he would get a reward for finding Cobain dead. I think that Cobain's life was hard because he had to live up to the standards of a rock star. I think him killing himself was a little over board but I think he was messed up and he did not want to figure it out.

Songs that I Hate..extra credit

The following songs are songs that I cannot stand to listen to even if my life depended on it:
1. Viva La Vida by Coldplay. My boyfriend made me watch this camp video he was in this summer and this song was the background of this 15 minute video. My boyfriends little brothers wanted to watch the video over and over again. I have listened to this song more times than I could every want to count.
2. Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3. I hate this song because it is so gross and the one part of the song I hate the most is "I said shush girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips." I think it is just so degrading to women and I hate listening to it. But I can tell why people like it because it has a good beat and easy to sing along to.
3. Trapped in the Closet parts 1-22 by R. Kelly. I think these are the dumbest songs every. It is about a guy sleeping with a girl who is married and everyone has secrets and it is just all bad. The tune is very repetitive and there is no interest.
4. 7 Things by
Miley Cyrus. I think Miley Cyrus is not very good her songs are lame and this one is the lamest of them all. She sings about 7 reasons she hates a guy that dumped her. If I was that guy I would dump her too. She talks too nasally.
5. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. I hate this song because first of all Avril Lavigne stole the tune and most of the lyrics from a previous band The Rubinoos with their single "I Want to be Your Boyfriend". She never gave them credit or payed them to use it. Another thing is that she thinks she is all puck rock when she definetly is not. This song is not punk is all goody-pop and thats all it is.

Interview with a Senior at SJSU

The senior I interviewed is a girl who I work with her name is Katie. This interview was easy for me because Katie is a friend of mine and I look up to her for advice. Katie will be graduating in May of 2009. She will be graduating with a degree in psychology. I asked her about how her college plans have changed and she has been all over the map with colleges. She grew up in Alaska and goes home during her breaks in school. She originally went to Tennessee State University but she did not like it at all. After two semesters there she went over to San Jose State University. Katie said that she wish she started at SJSU because the general education was difficult to transfer over. She never changed her major and right now she is on a psychology research team that one of her teachers asked her personally to be on. After being at SJSU she has grown to love it and the advice her gave me was to always put school first. She also told me that she wished that she started college with a lot of classes so that she could graduate on time or even earlier. Katie has never regretted anything she has done in college, and she told me to not regret anything because these are the best four years of your life.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Pill Essay

The “pill” came out in 1960 when the United States was changing all together. The pill, also known as Envoi-E, was given to only women who were married and that wanted to stop the process of conceiving more children. The women wanted to make something more of their lives instead of being a stay at home mothers. When the “pill” came out the idea and privacy of sex came out with it. When I talked to my grandma she said that sex was more talked about and that sex was something that just did not stay in the bedroom. My grandma said that not every woman in America could get birth control. You had to be married in order to receive it. The idea of having sex without fear of conceiving a child was something women wanted. My grandma said that birth control then is completely different from today. The birth control then was anew and it was not as safe as today’s birth control. My grandma also said that there were very few birth control options than today’s options. The “pill” has changed over time but the concept is still the same, but today more women are using it for different reasons; cramps, acne, periods, controlling births, etc. The “pill” was an important thing in the 1960’s and the “pill” is still important today in women’s lives.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Talking about sex

Some of the sexual pressures that college freshmen typically face are trying to find out what is normal to do and what is expected. Most freshmen that I know are having sex and it does not seem to be weird or taboo. If I gave advice to people one or two years younger then me I would tell them do what you feel is right for you and do not let other people make your decisions for you.
I think that the rules for dating should start off casual with just dates here and there to get to know each other. I think dinner is a good date, but going to the movies for the first few dates is a no-no because you cannot talk. I think it is good to find out information about someone before you go out because you do not want to put yourself in a bad situation. I think what is typical is looking on the other persons myspace/facebook page.
Dating is a complicated topic because there are many things going on at once and its good to keep them in order.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exercise 7.6

Self-Assessment: Your Learning Preference

Scale 1----Extraversion or Introversion
  • I prefer quiet and time to consider things--E
  • I prefer talking to people when doing mental work--I
  • I often act quickly, sometimes with ittle reflectiong--I
  • I prefer to understand the idea of a task and to do work alone r with just a few people--I
  • I want to know what other people expect of me--E
# of E's: 2 #of I's: 3

Scale 2----Sensing or Intuition
  • I usually pay most attention to experience and what something is--S
  • I prefer to use my imagination to come up with different ways and possibilities to do things--I
  • I like solving new problems. I dislike doing the same thing over and over--I
  • I enjoy learning new skills more than practicing old skills--I
  • I am patient with details, but impatient when details become complicated--S
# of S's: 2 #of I's: 3

Scale 3----Thinking or Feeling
  • I prefer to ise ligoc when making decisions--T
  • I expect to be treated with justice and fairness--T
  • I am usually very aware of other people's feelings--F
  • I feel unsettled by arguments and conflicts; I prefer harmony among people--F
  • I often can predict how others will feel--F
# of T's: 2 #of F's: 3

Scale 4----Judging or Perceiving
  • I prefer to make a plan and to have things settled and decided ahead of time--J
  • I deal easily with unplanned and unexpectd happenings--P
  • I prefer to start many projects, though I may have trouble completing all of them--P
  • I usually have my mind made up and may decide things too quickly--J
  • I live by making changes to do with problems as they come along--P
#of J's: 2 #of P's: 3

Scoring Preferenses
Scale 1: 2 Extraversion(E) or 3 Introversion(I)
Scale 2: 2 Sensing(S) or 3 Intuition(N)
Scale 3: 2 Thinking(T) or 3 Feeling(F)
Scale 4: 2 Judging(J) or 3 Perceiving(P)

My four-letter type INFP

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I do not do drugs but there are people I know who do and what they think:
  • pros: relaxing, not as serious as other drugs, can be used as medical drug, socialization
  • cons: can become addicting, harmful to lungs, illegal
  • pros: pleasure, stress reliever, fun
  • cons: leaves a smell on everything, addicting, causes lung cancer, have many medical complications, complexion of skin and teeth turn gross, loose voice, obtain a cough
  • pros: fun, tastes good, makes you feel good, warm, fuzzy, moderate and low amounts can help heart/dehydration
  • cons: hungover, impaired vision and reaction, damaging liver
Coffee is not a drug but addictive
  • pros: improving long-term memory, alertness, stimulates the bowels
  • cons: addicting, raise blood pressure and heart rate
Ny-quill even if not sick
  • pros: get a good night sleep when sick
  • cons: contains alcohol and can be addictive when sick or not sick
Pain killers prescribed by doctors like vicodin
  • pros: reduces pain, relaxes the muscles and mind
  • cons: overdose can be fatal, addictive.

Music List #4

List five songs that mention sex/drugs in the lyrics:

1. Herojuana- NOFX
2. Blaze It- Bone Thugs and Harmony
3. Rough Rider- Knock Out
4. We Are All on Drugs- Weezer
5. Express Yourself- N.W.A.

Out of these 5 songs that I found in my musical library my favorite has to number 1, Herojuana by NOFX because this is one of my favorite bands and in the song they talk about how drugs are just drugs and don't judge. People are going to do drugs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Study Tip #6

When doing homework start with the hardest or most important assignment and work down towards the easiest/less important because then you will be happier that you accomplished your tasks. When you do the easiest one last you always feel like that whole homework time was easy.

Exercise 6.6

Cultural Geography
1. My teachers cognitive level of development
  • attitude/behavior toward students: facilitator
  • instructional methods used: mostly lectures
  • types of assignments/activities:independent reading and exercises
  • types of examination: multiple choice, true/false, matching
  • course policies: mandatory class attendance
  • teaching styles: allows for opinions
2. My cognitive level of development
  • attitude toward teacher: respectful and attentive, always at class
  • I am comfortable with the teaching methods
  • I do not complete the readings but I always do the assignments
  • I do my best on my assignments and it reflects on my grade
  • I complete and pass my tests in this class
  • I am comfortable with the class policies
3. This can be useful because then we both are on the same path of what we want to accomplish during class time and we respect each other. This can hinder my learning if their is an area where I do not enjoy or disagree with.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MUSE workshop #1

When I went to the nutrition workshop I thought there was going to be a lot of facts thrown at me. What I got from the workshop was a lot of helpful information and ideas to change my diet. We did this Nutrition Scorecard that tallied up what you ate on the previous day. It added points to how much good food I ate and subtracted points for the bad food I ate. Something that I thought was really interesting was that timing is everything when you eat. Timing your diet and eating the right proportions will increase your metabolism, helps with digesting easier, and it controls your appetite. Everyone knows that we need to eat portions according to the food pyramid. It is true and when I do not eat like the pyramid I notice my bad attitude and health, but when I eat the way the pyramid plans out I feel better about my self and I am more active in the day. What I also learned was super foods. Super foods are foods that are high in protein and high in vitamins, some examples are the following: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, fate free/1% milk, broccoli, wild salmon, whole grains, brown rice, citrus fruits, squash, and bok choy. I actually learned a lot by going to this workshop and I enjoyed leaning about what I eat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Interesting part in Fever

In chapter 2 of Fever, on page 38-39, there is a part that is interesting to me. When girl groups started to form there was a lot more attention brought around sex. In the mid-sixties the mainstream of rock was getting more involved in expressing ideas about sex. This is interesting because I did not think that girl groups started this, i always though it was guy singers that started singing about sex. The Rolling Stones did start singing about sex, but women groups did bring the songs into motion. The "sexy" music also traveled into movies and magazines.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Study Tip #5

Always plan ahead when test are going to be so that you are ready for studying and not cramming at the last minute. And plan when you will study.

4 year plan

My four year plan will consist of the following: the classes I will be taking, where I will live, my major, and what jobs I will have.

My major is Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management. I will receive a BS in this major. The classes that I need to complete to complete the program consists of 120 units. 48 of the units are consisting of general education. Physical Education is 2 units. I have to take supporting courses for my major which consists of 11 units, classes like business and nutrition. There are 59 requirements for the major. There are the core courses that are all the HRTM classes. which takes up 32 of the 59. The other 27 are electives that I need to take. If i want to complete all of these units in time i need to take 15 units each semester. Their is a advising form that I found on the website where you can go to here and click on the advising form. This form shows what classes should be done when.
The classes that I have been doing so far and for the next few semesters is GE. Next semester I am going to take my intro to HRTM which I am excited for.
I recently live at home and I plan on living here for awhile so that I can save up money to move out when I am ready too. I want to move out my 3 year of college. I have a job now where I make good money and it is in a really convenient location for me. I do want a job/internship in my major when I take my core lasses so that I can put something on my resume.

Music Memory #2

Music is apart of everyone’s life and what they listen to be what brings out their own personality. As for my personal choice for music I still have to find it because I am still growing up and have not found my niche of what music I like. I think I have found it in alternative, indie, and punk music because I like the underground bands and listening to music for me and not for what people want me to listen too. As for the two people that I interviewed there musical taste was completely different from mine because of the era that they grew up in.
I interview my Grandmother who was born in 1928 and the era when she would be listening to music most would be in the late 1940’s early 1950”s. The bands that she really liked were the Glen Miller band, The Andrews Sisters, and Benny Goodman. My grandma said that they would listen to the big band orchestras. My grandma said she did not go to any concerts when she was younger because she never got the chance to go to any concerts. Her taste in music has not changed because she still listens to the big band music and it has not really changed.
The other person that I interviewed was my Aunt Marsha. She was born in 1950 and the era that she would be mostly listening to music would be the late 1960”S and early 1970”s. The music that my aunt listened to was the mainstream type of music in that time. The popular rock bands that were played a lot on the radio and featured on television. Some of the bands that she listened to were the Beatles, the Mamas and the Papas, and the Beach Boys. She told me that when she was eighteen she went to a few concerts and none of the bands that she remembers going to see was the Mamas and the Papas. She does not really listen to this music anymore or really listened to different music in general. She told me that she is past that stage in life where music is all about who you are, but this type of music will always be apart of her.
Looking at these three generations of my family I have realized that we are not that very different in what kind of music we like. When I had the opportunity to interview my grandma and aunt we went through their old LP’s and we got to listen to some of them. The style of music that my grandma like and my aunt like, I like as well but the 21st century version. My taste in music comes from these styles such as indie, ska, punk, and alternative. My family and I are not so different from each other and we have the same style in other things as well. Not only does my grandma and aunt have these music choices, I know that most of all of my family has the same taste in music, otherwise how would be a family if we did not like the same things?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exercise 5.4

Are you Committed?

1. Your thoughts and feelings about the institution you attend:
  • Are you proud to be a student there? Yes
  • Is it important that your degree comes from this institution? Yes
  • Do you feel a sense of belonging; in other words, is this institution a good fit for you? Not really because I do not live on campus so I do not know a lot about it.
  • Have you relinquished your bonds to your former school and now transferred your loyalties to this one? Yes on leaving high school behind but no on the new school yet because like I said before I do not know the school very well yet.
  • Are you comfortable in your dealings with the faculty, the staff, and other students? Not yet because I am still trying to find the right niche for me and what works best for me.
2. Your goals for attending college:
  • What is your main goal for attending college? To be top of my major class and graduate with hing grades so that I can get a good job.
  • Have you made a clear choice of a major or selected program of study? Yes, Hospitality.
  • Is it important for you to have a college degree or to get a certifies in a particular program? Yes
  • Will attending college result in a better job or change in career? Yes
  • Have you investigate graduate/professional programs? No I have not.
  • Have you completed any internships or volunteered or worked part-time in a field related to your academic goal? No
  • What are your academic ambitions. including GPA and honor societies? I want to maintain a 3.5 GPA
3. Support from family members:
  • Does your family support your desire to attend college? Yes
  • If you life at home, do they make it possible for you to study? Yes
  • Do they help you financially? Yes

Exercise 5.1

Self Assessment: My Commitment and Involvement
Almost Always Sometimes Almost Never
5 4 3 2 1

1. I tend to keep promises I make to my self. 5
2. I tend to keep promises I make to others. 5
3. I do not need others to make me honor my commitments. 4
4. I like setting realistic academic goals for the semester. 5
5. I look at difficult college course as a challenge and growth opportunity. 3
6. I feel a strong sense of commitment to my college institution. 4
7. I attend all my classes regularly. 5
8. I meet with my instructors on a regular basis outside of class. 1
9. I study regularly and enough to be successful in college. 4
10. I seek out others who can help me to be successful in college. 3
11. I am appropriately involved in collegiate extracurricular activities. 1
12. I like being a college student. 5


Monday, September 29, 2008

Study Tip #4

When you study for a test an easy way to remember the material is to make study guides and/or study questions because when you write it out you the material gets written in your head.

Fun book recommendation

One of my favorite books that I have read was Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I like it because its a book about nothing. The main character hates society and hates everyone he knows, but he just complains and never does anything about it. If you like the show Seinfeld you will like this book. And its a fast reader.

5 new songs that I like!

1. 100 Resolutions--Lawrence Arms. This song makes me think of what I want to accomplish during my first year in college and doing things for me and no one else.
2. The Sound of Silence--Simon and Garfunkel. I like this song because it makes me relaxed and I love the movie The Graduate. Even with noise all around you can find silence within yourself.
3. Sutro (Heroin Jazz Mix)--Ee. I like this song because the lyrics are so sad but the beat and tone is so relaxing and upbeat. I think its funny.
4. A Better Place, A Better Time--Streetlight Manifesto. I love this song now because my favorite line is "And when you wake up everything is going to be fine, I guarantee that you'll wake in a better place and in a better time". It makes me know that everyday is new and I can start fresh everyday.
5. Bullion--Millencolin. I like this song because because of the fast beat.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Study Tip #3

Before you do your homework and study for a test, make a to-do list so you know exactly what to do and set time goals for yourself so that you do not waste time.

Study Tip #2

When writing an essay you always should start early, by researching your topic as soon as you figure it out. Instead of writing the essay all in one sitting, write a paragraph a day so that you do not stress about getting it done.

Elvis Blog and his influences

Elvis has paved the way for rock and roll because of his music and the way he presented himself on the stage. If it wasn't for Elvis people would not be as excited or enthusiastic about their music. Elvis started the new sound of rock and roll and changed America on many different aspects. He helped bring races together through his music, he took talent to a new level, and his look made him different from everyone else during that time. What made Elvis marketable and famous was his music and how he moved with the music. Elvis's hip movements caught every one's attention because it was different and was considered provocative to watch.

A musical artist that came after Elvis who took ideas and was inspired by Elvis was Micheal Jackson. When he first started doing music his songs were culturally different. If it wasn't for Elvis making it big from being different Micheal probably wouldn't have the courage to come out and be different with his music. What Micheal Jackson did that was similar to Elvis was his movements with his hips and his hands. If it wasn't for Elvis moves like that might still be considered provocative today. What also made Micheal Jackson similar to Elvis is that their clothing styles where different and everyone wanted to dress like them.

Exercise 4.5

Course #1 Cultural Geography
  1. How difficult is the material? Somewhat hard but not to hard that I cannot comprehend it.
  2. How well is the material presented?The material is presented pretty clearly but sometimes I get lost because we watch a lot of educational videos.
  3. How intuitive or formal is the material for me? The material is in between intuitive and formal because sometimes I can related the topic to my own life and other times it just goes right over my head.
Based on my ratings I predict I will need to use the following learning strategies:
  • participate as much as possible when learning the new information
  • regulate my study time
  • explain the information in my own terms
  • think about similar ideas or concepts

Course #2 Environmental Issues
  1. How difficult is the material? Somewhat easy, I have taken an environmental class so I understand most of the information.
  2. How well is the material presented?The material is presented mostly unclear because it is given fast and jumps topic to topic
  3. How intuitive or formal is the material for me? The material is pretty much intuitive for me because I understand the issues and I can clearly relate them to my own life.
Based on my ratings I predict I will need to use the following learning strategies:
  • Think about similar ideas and concepts
  • Link the information to prior knowledge
  • Work out problems and exercises to "over learn" the material
  • know how to regulate my study time
  • know different strategies for different academic tasks

Exercise 4.2

1. Practicing a problem using the Pythagorean theorem= Procedural Knowledge
2. Explaining the law of supply and demand=Declarative Knowledge
3. Memorizing musical symbols=Declarative Knowledge
4. Selecting a note-taking format for sociology class=Metacognitive Knowledge
5. Comparing behavioral psychology with cognitive psychology=Metacognitive Knowledge
6. Giving a persuasive speech=Procedural Knowledge
7. Creating sample test questions to study for a biology exam=Metacognitive Knowledge
8. Memorizing the state capitals of the United States=Declarative Knowledge

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Library Art

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. library at SJSU has interesting art work found throughout the whole library. The one piece of artwork that I really enjoy is that there are 4 wooden posts that hold up the library and you can see them from the inside of the building. Three of the posts are just regular wood but the one posts is made from a redwood tree that was there when the library was built; they did not remove but made it part of the building. I think this is cool because it shows how important redwood trees are to the state of California and more important to Northern California.

Music Memory #1

When I was about 6 years old I did not really have a taste in music because I did not really know about music. The bands I listened to were the pop-boy bands that were on the radio: Backstreet Boys and Hanson were my all time favorite. I did not go beyond the radio much because that was all that I could get information from about bands. I listened to mostly what my parents and brother listened to because they influence me on a lot. When I got a little older, about 12 years old, I became more interested in music and started to listen to more rock bands instead of boy bands. The bands I listened to were Everclear, Matchbox 20, Smashing Pumpkins, and Weezer. Bands like these were played on the radio and were popular during that time. Now that I am 18, I still listen to the radio a lot and get my musical taste from it but I have veered off from the radio and now I am into underground punk and indie music. The bands that I like today are The Shins, Iron and Wine, Shinobu, Lifetime, and so much more. I have broadened my horizon in different music but I will always listen to the radio, mostly 104.9 or 105.3 because they play my kind of music and I love hearing new songs and bands. My taste in music has not changed much during my life just the bands that I listen to. I loved rock, punk, and indie music, I still do, and I believe that I always will.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exercise 2.5

1. Personal Goal: I would like to loose some weight and become healthier in my new college life style.
  • My rationale for this goal is that I become stressed about homework and working on the side i will not take care of my self. I will not watch what I eat and I will become lazy about working out. School is my major priority but my health is what gears me to being a good student.
  • This goal is challenging because I have to watch what I do and make choices on what I eat and do.
  • This is realistic because being healthy and strong is what makes me feel better when I am healthy. I have always liked my body and the way I look but I would like to be healthy on the inside.
My strategies for this goal are the following:
  • Eating healthy and in moderation; not pigging out when I am stressed over work and school work.
  • Working out by riding my bike to work or school so that I am not relying on cars to take me places.
  • I will take time for myself to relax and not just while I sleep but doing things for myself so that I am taking breaks from working so much.
2. Social Goal: I want to become better friends with the people that I work with because I spend so much time with them.
  • My reason for this is because I want to be able to enjoy working with them so that the shifts will go by faster and that we can build friendships that will go beyond the working place.
  • This is a challenge because making relationships is a two way rode and if one person is not working at it then the friendship will not grow.
  • This is realistic because building friendships are what you make all through out life and friends help each other in the long run with other opportunities.
My strategies are the following:
  • Finding about what they are about and what they like to do.
  • Spend time with them outside the work place.
  • Trust them with information and building the trust with them as well.
3. Academic Goal: finishing the semester strong and with good grades.
  • My reason for this is that I want to learn as much as I can so that I can use that information in other areas of my life.
  • This is challenging because I have 5 classes that I have to spend a lot of time to each one so that I can do well on assignments and tests.
  • This is realistic because college is where I begin the rest of my life and I want to start off on a good foot so that I can succeed and the first step if to finish the first semester strong
My strategies are the following:
  • Set time every day for each class so that I am giving attention and learning from each class.
  • Pay attention in class and take notes that are important for me to know.
  • Study for test in advance so that I am not cramming the night before.

Exercise 1.2

1. 3 outcomes that I would like to accomplish in the next 6 months:
  • Pass all of my classes this first semester because then I will know that I can handle college and succeed in the rest of my classes in my college career.
  • Save money so that I can study abroad in a couple of years.
  • I paint and move into my brothers old room so that I can have a bigger room and organized.
3. One goal that I can accomplish in the next few months is moving and painting into my new room because the faster I move in the better it is for me because I will have a bigger room!
4. 3 Strategies I have to complete this goal are the following:
  • Set one weekend aside to paint the room.
  • Make a list of what I need to get from the store to fix up the room.
  • Put my things in the new room all organized and neat.
5. The behaviors that I would most likely have during this are lazy, frustrated, tired but a way I would use those behaviors and turning them into good are thinking of the outcome of what it will be like at the end. I will think of what my room will look like and how I will be more relaxed when I am finished.
6. Evaluate me progress weekly is what I need to do in order to finish quickly.
7. I will change and make adjustments along the way so that I will work better as I evaluate myself along the way.

Google Myself

When I looked my self on Google I was the first link. The one post about me was when I was in the Campbell Reporter for playing softball. It was about how I pitched a perfect game and we won two tournaments. I do not play softball now, so it isn't really my image anymore, but I like how on Google it shows my accomplishments and not my down faults. I am not ashamed of this because it shows my dedication to a team and to myself. I am glad that people see this when they look up information of me because it shows my ability to have responsibility.

!0 favorite songs

These songs I love so much i could just listen to them for hours:
1. Australia- The Shins
2. Boy With a Coin- Iron and Wine
3. Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters
4.T-T-T-Trepanning- Shinobu
Airport Monday Morning - Lifetime
6. Undone (The Sweater Song)- Weezer
7. Carring is Creepy-The Shins
8. I Will Buy You a New Life- Everclear
9. So Much For the Afterglow- Everclear
10. Not Gonna Happen- Shinobu

Tip for Success

Set time everyday to do homework. For example everyday for 2 hours sit in your room or where ever you study for the same time everyday so it becomes a habit. Time goes faster when doing homework if you have the same time everyday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

About Me

I am Erin and i am a freshman at SJSU. I am majoring in Hospitality Management. My first class ever is the muse class of sex, drugs, and rock n roll. I am liking all of the classes that i am taking. However, I love music and everything about it. My favorite genre's are punk rock, indie rock, and rock and roll. Fun fact is that i have over 3500 songs on my ipod.
Indie rock is my favorite genre because it is relaxing and easy to listen too. Indie music means that it is independent and it has not been signed to a record label. Now indie has turned into a genre known for the laid back style with lyrics that do not really make any sense. My favorite bands from this genre are The Shins and Iron and Wine. I have seen The Shins in concert before and it was the best concert i will ever go to. There are no words for my experience except that i was left speechless for the next day.
Punk and rock and roll are my other favorite genres i like the speed of punk rock but i also like the beat of rock. My favorite rock band has to be The Foo Fighters and my favorite punk rock band is Lifetime. I go to a lot of local punk shows and i like the underground music. Music is a passion of mine and throughout this blog ill show you why.