Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lyrics Analysis

The song that I analyzed was "My Generation" by The Who.  I like this song because it is geared towards the younger generation.  This song talks about how the older generation or the government is putting the younger generation down.  This song came out November 5, 1965.  This was right when the Vietnam war was happening.  This song shows how the younger generation was effected by the war.  This song also show how the younger generation wanted to voice their own opinion but where put down by the higher authority.  What I think is funny is that my brother's band in high school covered this song in a school rally.  They got suspended for it.  The reason why I think this is funny is that they played this song when the Iraq war first started and after they played this song my high school had a protest against the war.  Its a little ironic for my high school to suspend them for speaking their mind, or in their case singing their mind.  This song is very powerful and the lyrics stand out. 


On Wednesday we attended the Chris Jackson presentation and what he talked about was really interesting. The audience was filled with the students from the sex,drugs, and rock'n'roll classes. We asked him questions about his life and his views about music. Chris Jackson talked about how he was always out when he was 13-18. He started his first band when he was 16 and when he played in clubs he could only be in the back room and was not aloud in the front.  He loves music especially classic rock.  He said that one of his favorite bands now is Aerosmith and also Linkin Park.  He was very passionate about his job and the music he likes.  He also said that at one point in his career he was on 2 different radio shows and neither one of them knew he was DJing for the other.  I think Chris Jackson was done what he loves and I think he will continue to do so. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music Review

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are one of my favorite groups. The song that they got famous for was Mrs. Robinson from the album Bookends. This album came out in 1968 and rose to the top of the charts, even beating The Beatles White album. This song was played on the movie the Graduate. The Graduate is also one of my favorite movies because of the whole story line first of all. I really like the artistic way that Mike Nichols shot the movie. The film the Graduate made everything in it famous. The actor Dustin Hoffman, Simon and Garfunkel, and Mike Nichols himself. One thing that got this movie famous is because Mike Nichols had only songs from Simon and Garfunkel. Mike Nichols was obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel and paid them to right 3 new songs for the movie itself. The four songs that they wrote for the film was, Mrs. Robinson, April Come She Will, The Sound of Silence, Scarborough Fair/ Canticle. In the song Mrs. Robinson, it was actually about Mrs. Roosevelt, Mike Nichols wanted them to change the name so that it fit in with the film. Out of these songs my favorite has to be April Come She Will. I like it because it a love song and they rhyme it with the months of the year which I think is cool. Because Simon and Garfunkel used their own music on the film they became very famous for those songs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exercise 8.2, 8.3, 8.4

8.2 Dreams do come true. What are 5 dreams that I hope will come true? Explain.
  1. I hope I graduate college. I want to good now in college so that I can graduate and move forward in my life.
  2. I hope that I have a good job. I want to be a manager or owner of a hotel in a beautiful city or town. I like to keep busy and I love working so I hope that I get a job that suits me the best.
  3. I hope I get to travel the world. I love different cultures and counties and I really want to just travel all over. I think it is important to do that in a life time because there is so much more than your little life.
  4. I hope that I will get married. Every girls dreams of their wedding even when they are little. I want a simple wedding with a beautiful dress and a cheesecake for the wedding cake.I want to be married to a wonderful guy who I am head over heals for.
  5. I hope that I have children. I want to be a mother and I think kids are so cute.

8.3 Turn your dreams into goals. List my top values that I hope will enhance my quality world and place them in 1-5 order.
  1. Happiness
  2. Success
  3. Marriage
  4. Family
  5. Relaxation
Goal Statements
1. In 10 years I will be married and have a child
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? Yes
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Social/Relationships/Family
2. In 3 years I will be getting ready to graduate with a GPA of 3.0<
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? Yes
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Education/Training and Career/Job Development
3. In 6 months I will be in school
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? No
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Education/training
4. By next week I will work towards have my job be better for me
  • Is this goal connected to a dream? Yes
  • Is this goal connected to a value? Yes
  • What areas does this goal apply to? Career/Job Development, health/emotional, and social/relationships/family
8.4 Which goals are achievable? measure my goals by either believable, realistic, desirable, measurable
  • 10 year goal: Desirable
  • 3 year goal: Measurable
  • 6 month goal: Believable
  • Next week goal: realistic

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chapter 7 of Fever

"Unplugged's fatalism is hard to miss; by this point the jig was basically up. Taping took place in December of 1993. Four months later, Cobain overdosed in Rome and emerged from a coma requesting a milkshake. Shortly after his family got him into his final California rehab in March 1994, Love called the police to their home when Cobain locked himself in a room with a gun. Talk of and American tour was put aside until Cobain could commit himself to the road with confidence. At the end of March, within a week after being admitted. Cobain escaped from rehab, spent a few days missing, and turned up dead in his Seattle guest house lying next to the shotgun he had swallowed. The cable guy who found him called a radio station before he called the police" ( Fever page 200).

I think that this paragraph is interesting because this shows how interested people are into celebrities lives. I think it is funny that the cable guy called the radio station because he probably thought he would get a reward for finding Cobain dead. I think that Cobain's life was hard because he had to live up to the standards of a rock star. I think him killing himself was a little over board but I think he was messed up and he did not want to figure it out.

Songs that I Hate..extra credit

The following songs are songs that I cannot stand to listen to even if my life depended on it:
1. Viva La Vida by Coldplay. My boyfriend made me watch this camp video he was in this summer and this song was the background of this 15 minute video. My boyfriends little brothers wanted to watch the video over and over again. I have listened to this song more times than I could every want to count.
2. Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3. I hate this song because it is so gross and the one part of the song I hate the most is "I said shush girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips." I think it is just so degrading to women and I hate listening to it. But I can tell why people like it because it has a good beat and easy to sing along to.
3. Trapped in the Closet parts 1-22 by R. Kelly. I think these are the dumbest songs every. It is about a guy sleeping with a girl who is married and everyone has secrets and it is just all bad. The tune is very repetitive and there is no interest.
4. 7 Things by
Miley Cyrus. I think Miley Cyrus is not very good her songs are lame and this one is the lamest of them all. She sings about 7 reasons she hates a guy that dumped her. If I was that guy I would dump her too. She talks too nasally.
5. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. I hate this song because first of all Avril Lavigne stole the tune and most of the lyrics from a previous band The Rubinoos with their single "I Want to be Your Boyfriend". She never gave them credit or payed them to use it. Another thing is that she thinks she is all puck rock when she definetly is not. This song is not punk is all goody-pop and thats all it is.

Interview with a Senior at SJSU

The senior I interviewed is a girl who I work with her name is Katie. This interview was easy for me because Katie is a friend of mine and I look up to her for advice. Katie will be graduating in May of 2009. She will be graduating with a degree in psychology. I asked her about how her college plans have changed and she has been all over the map with colleges. She grew up in Alaska and goes home during her breaks in school. She originally went to Tennessee State University but she did not like it at all. After two semesters there she went over to San Jose State University. Katie said that she wish she started at SJSU because the general education was difficult to transfer over. She never changed her major and right now she is on a psychology research team that one of her teachers asked her personally to be on. After being at SJSU she has grown to love it and the advice her gave me was to always put school first. She also told me that she wished that she started college with a lot of classes so that she could graduate on time or even earlier. Katie has never regretted anything she has done in college, and she told me to not regret anything because these are the best four years of your life.