Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lyrics Analysis

The song that I analyzed was "My Generation" by The Who.  I like this song because it is geared towards the younger generation.  This song talks about how the older generation or the government is putting the younger generation down.  This song came out November 5, 1965.  This was right when the Vietnam war was happening.  This song shows how the younger generation was effected by the war.  This song also show how the younger generation wanted to voice their own opinion but where put down by the higher authority.  What I think is funny is that my brother's band in high school covered this song in a school rally.  They got suspended for it.  The reason why I think this is funny is that they played this song when the Iraq war first started and after they played this song my high school had a protest against the war.  Its a little ironic for my high school to suspend them for speaking their mind, or in their case singing their mind.  This song is very powerful and the lyrics stand out. 

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camccune said...

Wow, it's pretty amazing that anyone could get suspended just for playing "My Generation."