Sunday, November 23, 2008


On Wednesday we attended the Chris Jackson presentation and what he talked about was really interesting. The audience was filled with the students from the sex,drugs, and rock'n'roll classes. We asked him questions about his life and his views about music. Chris Jackson talked about how he was always out when he was 13-18. He started his first band when he was 16 and when he played in clubs he could only be in the back room and was not aloud in the front.  He loves music especially classic rock.  He said that one of his favorite bands now is Aerosmith and also Linkin Park.  He was very passionate about his job and the music he likes.  He also said that at one point in his career he was on 2 different radio shows and neither one of them knew he was DJing for the other.  I think Chris Jackson was done what he loves and I think he will continue to do so. 

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camccune said...

Yeah, I liked that story about working for two stations at once.