Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chapter 7 of Fever

"Unplugged's fatalism is hard to miss; by this point the jig was basically up. Taping took place in December of 1993. Four months later, Cobain overdosed in Rome and emerged from a coma requesting a milkshake. Shortly after his family got him into his final California rehab in March 1994, Love called the police to their home when Cobain locked himself in a room with a gun. Talk of and American tour was put aside until Cobain could commit himself to the road with confidence. At the end of March, within a week after being admitted. Cobain escaped from rehab, spent a few days missing, and turned up dead in his Seattle guest house lying next to the shotgun he had swallowed. The cable guy who found him called a radio station before he called the police" ( Fever page 200).

I think that this paragraph is interesting because this shows how interested people are into celebrities lives. I think it is funny that the cable guy called the radio station because he probably thought he would get a reward for finding Cobain dead. I think that Cobain's life was hard because he had to live up to the standards of a rock star. I think him killing himself was a little over board but I think he was messed up and he did not want to figure it out.

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