Monday, September 29, 2008

5 new songs that I like!

1. 100 Resolutions--Lawrence Arms. This song makes me think of what I want to accomplish during my first year in college and doing things for me and no one else.
2. The Sound of Silence--Simon and Garfunkel. I like this song because it makes me relaxed and I love the movie The Graduate. Even with noise all around you can find silence within yourself.
3. Sutro (Heroin Jazz Mix)--Ee. I like this song because the lyrics are so sad but the beat and tone is so relaxing and upbeat. I think its funny.
4. A Better Place, A Better Time--Streetlight Manifesto. I love this song now because my favorite line is "And when you wake up everything is going to be fine, I guarantee that you'll wake in a better place and in a better time". It makes me know that everyday is new and I can start fresh everyday.
5. Bullion--Millencolin. I like this song because because of the fast beat.

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camccune said...

I'm a longtime Simon and Garfunkel fan, but I don't know the others you've I decided to check out "A Better Place, A Better Time."

Found a video on You Tube. I like it. It was fun to watch the audience singing along with the band. I like the optimism too. A good thing to have these days.