Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exercise 2.5

1. Personal Goal: I would like to loose some weight and become healthier in my new college life style.
  • My rationale for this goal is that I become stressed about homework and working on the side i will not take care of my self. I will not watch what I eat and I will become lazy about working out. School is my major priority but my health is what gears me to being a good student.
  • This goal is challenging because I have to watch what I do and make choices on what I eat and do.
  • This is realistic because being healthy and strong is what makes me feel better when I am healthy. I have always liked my body and the way I look but I would like to be healthy on the inside.
My strategies for this goal are the following:
  • Eating healthy and in moderation; not pigging out when I am stressed over work and school work.
  • Working out by riding my bike to work or school so that I am not relying on cars to take me places.
  • I will take time for myself to relax and not just while I sleep but doing things for myself so that I am taking breaks from working so much.
2. Social Goal: I want to become better friends with the people that I work with because I spend so much time with them.
  • My reason for this is because I want to be able to enjoy working with them so that the shifts will go by faster and that we can build friendships that will go beyond the working place.
  • This is a challenge because making relationships is a two way rode and if one person is not working at it then the friendship will not grow.
  • This is realistic because building friendships are what you make all through out life and friends help each other in the long run with other opportunities.
My strategies are the following:
  • Finding about what they are about and what they like to do.
  • Spend time with them outside the work place.
  • Trust them with information and building the trust with them as well.
3. Academic Goal: finishing the semester strong and with good grades.
  • My reason for this is that I want to learn as much as I can so that I can use that information in other areas of my life.
  • This is challenging because I have 5 classes that I have to spend a lot of time to each one so that I can do well on assignments and tests.
  • This is realistic because college is where I begin the rest of my life and I want to start off on a good foot so that I can succeed and the first step if to finish the first semester strong
My strategies are the following:
  • Set time every day for each class so that I am giving attention and learning from each class.
  • Pay attention in class and take notes that are important for me to know.
  • Study for test in advance so that I am not cramming the night before.

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camccune said...

Sounds good, sounds realistic.