Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elvis Blog and his influences

Elvis has paved the way for rock and roll because of his music and the way he presented himself on the stage. If it wasn't for Elvis people would not be as excited or enthusiastic about their music. Elvis started the new sound of rock and roll and changed America on many different aspects. He helped bring races together through his music, he took talent to a new level, and his look made him different from everyone else during that time. What made Elvis marketable and famous was his music and how he moved with the music. Elvis's hip movements caught every one's attention because it was different and was considered provocative to watch.

A musical artist that came after Elvis who took ideas and was inspired by Elvis was Micheal Jackson. When he first started doing music his songs were culturally different. If it wasn't for Elvis making it big from being different Micheal probably wouldn't have the courage to come out and be different with his music. What Micheal Jackson did that was similar to Elvis was his movements with his hips and his hands. If it wasn't for Elvis moves like that might still be considered provocative today. What also made Micheal Jackson similar to Elvis is that their clothing styles where different and everyone wanted to dress like them.

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camccune said...

I agree. Michael Jackson is a good example of a musician who learned a lot from Elvis.