Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Pill Essay

The “pill” came out in 1960 when the United States was changing all together. The pill, also known as Envoi-E, was given to only women who were married and that wanted to stop the process of conceiving more children. The women wanted to make something more of their lives instead of being a stay at home mothers. When the “pill” came out the idea and privacy of sex came out with it. When I talked to my grandma she said that sex was more talked about and that sex was something that just did not stay in the bedroom. My grandma said that not every woman in America could get birth control. You had to be married in order to receive it. The idea of having sex without fear of conceiving a child was something women wanted. My grandma said that birth control then is completely different from today. The birth control then was anew and it was not as safe as today’s birth control. My grandma also said that there were very few birth control options than today’s options. The “pill” has changed over time but the concept is still the same, but today more women are using it for different reasons; cramps, acne, periods, controlling births, etc. The “pill” was an important thing in the 1960’s and the “pill” is still important today in women’s lives.

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