Monday, October 6, 2008

4 year plan

My four year plan will consist of the following: the classes I will be taking, where I will live, my major, and what jobs I will have.

My major is Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management. I will receive a BS in this major. The classes that I need to complete to complete the program consists of 120 units. 48 of the units are consisting of general education. Physical Education is 2 units. I have to take supporting courses for my major which consists of 11 units, classes like business and nutrition. There are 59 requirements for the major. There are the core courses that are all the HRTM classes. which takes up 32 of the 59. The other 27 are electives that I need to take. If i want to complete all of these units in time i need to take 15 units each semester. Their is a advising form that I found on the website where you can go to here and click on the advising form. This form shows what classes should be done when.
The classes that I have been doing so far and for the next few semesters is GE. Next semester I am going to take my intro to HRTM which I am excited for.
I recently live at home and I plan on living here for awhile so that I can save up money to move out when I am ready too. I want to move out my 3 year of college. I have a job now where I make good money and it is in a really convenient location for me. I do want a job/internship in my major when I take my core lasses so that I can put something on my resume.

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