Sunday, October 26, 2008


I do not do drugs but there are people I know who do and what they think:
  • pros: relaxing, not as serious as other drugs, can be used as medical drug, socialization
  • cons: can become addicting, harmful to lungs, illegal
  • pros: pleasure, stress reliever, fun
  • cons: leaves a smell on everything, addicting, causes lung cancer, have many medical complications, complexion of skin and teeth turn gross, loose voice, obtain a cough
  • pros: fun, tastes good, makes you feel good, warm, fuzzy, moderate and low amounts can help heart/dehydration
  • cons: hungover, impaired vision and reaction, damaging liver
Coffee is not a drug but addictive
  • pros: improving long-term memory, alertness, stimulates the bowels
  • cons: addicting, raise blood pressure and heart rate
Ny-quill even if not sick
  • pros: get a good night sleep when sick
  • cons: contains alcohol and can be addictive when sick or not sick
Pain killers prescribed by doctors like vicodin
  • pros: reduces pain, relaxes the muscles and mind
  • cons: overdose can be fatal, addictive.

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camccune said...

I like your "pros and cons" list. It looks like you've given this quite a bit of thought and you're taking a very level-headed approach to this issue.