Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MUSE workshop #1

When I went to the nutrition workshop I thought there was going to be a lot of facts thrown at me. What I got from the workshop was a lot of helpful information and ideas to change my diet. We did this Nutrition Scorecard that tallied up what you ate on the previous day. It added points to how much good food I ate and subtracted points for the bad food I ate. Something that I thought was really interesting was that timing is everything when you eat. Timing your diet and eating the right proportions will increase your metabolism, helps with digesting easier, and it controls your appetite. Everyone knows that we need to eat portions according to the food pyramid. It is true and when I do not eat like the pyramid I notice my bad attitude and health, but when I eat the way the pyramid plans out I feel better about my self and I am more active in the day. What I also learned was super foods. Super foods are foods that are high in protein and high in vitamins, some examples are the following: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, fate free/1% milk, broccoli, wild salmon, whole grains, brown rice, citrus fruits, squash, and bok choy. I actually learned a lot by going to this workshop and I enjoyed leaning about what I eat.

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camccune said...

Sounds like this one was really worth going to.