Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exercise 5.1

Self Assessment: My Commitment and Involvement
Almost Always Sometimes Almost Never
5 4 3 2 1

1. I tend to keep promises I make to my self. 5
2. I tend to keep promises I make to others. 5
3. I do not need others to make me honor my commitments. 4
4. I like setting realistic academic goals for the semester. 5
5. I look at difficult college course as a challenge and growth opportunity. 3
6. I feel a strong sense of commitment to my college institution. 4
7. I attend all my classes regularly. 5
8. I meet with my instructors on a regular basis outside of class. 1
9. I study regularly and enough to be successful in college. 4
10. I seek out others who can help me to be successful in college. 3
11. I am appropriately involved in collegiate extracurricular activities. 1
12. I like being a college student. 5


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