Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exercise 5.4

Are you Committed?

1. Your thoughts and feelings about the institution you attend:
  • Are you proud to be a student there? Yes
  • Is it important that your degree comes from this institution? Yes
  • Do you feel a sense of belonging; in other words, is this institution a good fit for you? Not really because I do not live on campus so I do not know a lot about it.
  • Have you relinquished your bonds to your former school and now transferred your loyalties to this one? Yes on leaving high school behind but no on the new school yet because like I said before I do not know the school very well yet.
  • Are you comfortable in your dealings with the faculty, the staff, and other students? Not yet because I am still trying to find the right niche for me and what works best for me.
2. Your goals for attending college:
  • What is your main goal for attending college? To be top of my major class and graduate with hing grades so that I can get a good job.
  • Have you made a clear choice of a major or selected program of study? Yes, Hospitality.
  • Is it important for you to have a college degree or to get a certifies in a particular program? Yes
  • Will attending college result in a better job or change in career? Yes
  • Have you investigate graduate/professional programs? No I have not.
  • Have you completed any internships or volunteered or worked part-time in a field related to your academic goal? No
  • What are your academic ambitions. including GPA and honor societies? I want to maintain a 3.5 GPA
3. Support from family members:
  • Does your family support your desire to attend college? Yes
  • If you life at home, do they make it possible for you to study? Yes
  • Do they help you financially? Yes

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camccune said...

It can take a while to find your niche, but as you start taking classes in your major it should be easier to get to know people.