Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exercise 7.6

Self-Assessment: Your Learning Preference

Scale 1----Extraversion or Introversion
  • I prefer quiet and time to consider things--E
  • I prefer talking to people when doing mental work--I
  • I often act quickly, sometimes with ittle reflectiong--I
  • I prefer to understand the idea of a task and to do work alone r with just a few people--I
  • I want to know what other people expect of me--E
# of E's: 2 #of I's: 3

Scale 2----Sensing or Intuition
  • I usually pay most attention to experience and what something is--S
  • I prefer to use my imagination to come up with different ways and possibilities to do things--I
  • I like solving new problems. I dislike doing the same thing over and over--I
  • I enjoy learning new skills more than practicing old skills--I
  • I am patient with details, but impatient when details become complicated--S
# of S's: 2 #of I's: 3

Scale 3----Thinking or Feeling
  • I prefer to ise ligoc when making decisions--T
  • I expect to be treated with justice and fairness--T
  • I am usually very aware of other people's feelings--F
  • I feel unsettled by arguments and conflicts; I prefer harmony among people--F
  • I often can predict how others will feel--F
# of T's: 2 #of F's: 3

Scale 4----Judging or Perceiving
  • I prefer to make a plan and to have things settled and decided ahead of time--J
  • I deal easily with unplanned and unexpectd happenings--P
  • I prefer to start many projects, though I may have trouble completing all of them--P
  • I usually have my mind made up and may decide things too quickly--J
  • I live by making changes to do with problems as they come along--P
#of J's: 2 #of P's: 3

Scoring Preferenses
Scale 1: 2 Extraversion(E) or 3 Introversion(I)
Scale 2: 2 Sensing(S) or 3 Intuition(N)
Scale 3: 2 Thinking(T) or 3 Feeling(F)
Scale 4: 2 Judging(J) or 3 Perceiving(P)

My four-letter type INFP

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