Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exercise 6.6

Cultural Geography
1. My teachers cognitive level of development
  • attitude/behavior toward students: facilitator
  • instructional methods used: mostly lectures
  • types of assignments/activities:independent reading and exercises
  • types of examination: multiple choice, true/false, matching
  • course policies: mandatory class attendance
  • teaching styles: allows for opinions
2. My cognitive level of development
  • attitude toward teacher: respectful and attentive, always at class
  • I am comfortable with the teaching methods
  • I do not complete the readings but I always do the assignments
  • I do my best on my assignments and it reflects on my grade
  • I complete and pass my tests in this class
  • I am comfortable with the class policies
3. This can be useful because then we both are on the same path of what we want to accomplish during class time and we respect each other. This can hinder my learning if their is an area where I do not enjoy or disagree with.

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